1. New single out now! Share it!!! :) “Strike One” available March 18th

  2. "Strike One" Available March 18th. #poppunk #portlandpoppunk #newmusic #pnwpoppunk

  3. Back when we recorded guitars for the new album. Marshal 1960 lead cab. Our own custom made Go-Bos. 


  4. Drum tracking for the new record starts tomorrow. Keep a look out for pics, videos, and updates on all of our social media pages


  5. If all goes to plan, we will begin drum tracking for our full length album this weekend!

  6. jacobpratt:

    My band’s EP is now free! http://chinuprocky.bandcamp.com/album/we-are If you don’t own any of our music, here you go! #ChinUpRocky @johnmillerphotography

    Bremerton, WA!


  7. Good news! You can now download our latest E.P “We Are” for free for a limited time. Be sure to follow the link and snag our jams! 


  8. For those of you that do not know, we are recording our debut full length album starting here in the next 2 months. If you also didn’t know, we are pursuing our goals for this band in pretty much the most Do-It-Yourself fashion. We are applying this even to our recording process. Most bands will pay to go into a professional studio to record their sound, however, this can be quite expensive especially if you desire a quality sound and a good engineer. Well, we have been taking another route to by pass this and decided to just build our own studio and do the recordings ourselves. So for the past months we have been researching, reading, and constructing our studio and it as of today, it is pretty much complete. Which means we get to tackle the oh-so-fun process of recording. Long days, long nights, and a large consumption of coffee will be in store for us, but the best thing is, we have been and get to learn more and more about ALL the aspects that surround producing a recorded album. Yay learning!


  9. Celebrate getting over the hump of the workweek by jamming to this. 

  10. forevernevercalledmeback:

    Chin Up Rocky has a Tumblr now.
    So I’m going to post pictures of their butts as a welcome gift.

    Fan pic of some of our butts aka our better halfs